Heart brownies!

Fresh out of the oven! Heart shaped BROWNIES! Yum!!!

These are so quick and easy to make! I just bought some of those heart shaped tins, in the baking isle at the grocery store, and you get your box of brownie mix out of the cupboard. Be sure to grease your tins, pour in your mix and bake for about 15 - 20 mins...I just watch till they are just the way I like them!

Then you have a great Valentine treat!!! So quick and easy, and the kids will LOVE it! :)

This batch is for a Game/Dinner party with some friends tonight! I thought if I bring the dessert, they MIGHT let me win!!! :)


andraswhimsies said...

Ohhhhh yum!! those look so good, and just too cute!! I'll have to keep my eye out for a pan like that

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

If you come to my house with those, you can win every game we play. Promise!


naomisnotions said...

LOL...Thanks Lea! But I'm sad to say they didn't let me win! :( LOL...

*Linda Pinda* said...

Naomi! Those look sooooo good!

My kids don't like gingerbread, so I do the same thing with gingerbred men molds for the holidays. They have brownie "gingerbread"men and decorate them with frosting, m&m's, etc.

Those hearts are so cute!

Hugs... *Linda*

Bluejean Primitives said...

I want some!!!!

Jean :)