My Friends!

I finally decided it was time to dismantle the mantel from all the Christmas decorations. And had NO idea what to put up there. A few of my friends have items they purchased from friends on their blogs...so I thought, what a great idea! I will "show off" some things I have bought from friends also!!!

All of these things have been given or bought from my friends at NEPG, you can find their great offerings in the NEPG site, in my list to the left! :)

The snowman nodder, soap balls, and hand painted candle is from: Sam at Gollywobbles

The room spray and oil is from: Lorey at Primhearts

The jar of jellies, was a bingo prize from: Amy at Olde Crow Seed Co.

I also bought the black kitty from Amy!

The bunny and carrots are from: Jane at Bean n Brew Primitives

The kitty pantry cake is from: Joanne at Nellie's Acres

And the snowman way to left is from: Jeannie at Crewel wool designs

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*Linda Pinda* said...

To see all of my prims from friends just click on Naomi's Website!!! ;)

That is so neat, Naomi! I love having hand-dids by my friends around me too. It's like a warm prim hug right when I need it. That must be why I keep your angel kitty so close!

Hugs... *Linda*