My Mother's Day weekend!

Well my weekend was VERY eventful! I got nice gifts, lots of hugs, and even a damaged vehicle! LOL...YES, I will explain!

But first! My boys picked me some flowers yesterday....nope not dandylions. :)

And my Mother-in-law bought me this REALLY tall bunny! She knows how I just LOVE bunnies! Look at his BIG feet! LOL...

And hubby won this doll for me on ebay!!! (with little help from me...lol) But I just love it!!! It was made by Chestnut Junction!!! Can you believe it...I've been buying her patterns for years! And now I have one of her original cat dolls!!! :)

And now for the damaged vehicle part...on Saturday night we went with my Mother-in-law, for our Mother's Day dinner! We had a great time laughing, and eating!!! Our favorite things! :)

But on the way home...we hit a deer! We couldn't believe it! Everyone was okay, nobody got hurt...but boy it sure scared us!!! Our truck is no longer drivable, as the whole front end is smashed in!

We live on a very busy road, and we hear of people hitting the deer ALL the time...but never thought we would be one of them!

We are just sooooo thankful to God, that we are all safe!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Naomi ~ I just love that bunny & cat. What a nice thoughtful family you have!

So glad that you and the family are safe despite the truck damage.


Doreen said...

OH how scarey. I've hit a deer before..it's terrifying.

Take care