Our Sunday walk!

After church on Sunday, it was soooooo nice out here...40 degrees...lol...we decided to go for a little nature walk! We saw some turkey prints, fox prints, and even some coyote foot prints! YIKES!!! LOL...

After we followed the prints, to see where they were heading, we found a nice spot on the rocks to take some family pictures!

This is Jonah on the BIG rock he TRIED to climb!

Here is hubby (Tim) and both the boys.
Micah was not thrilled about having his picture taken!

Here is Me and Jonah...he sure does love his mommy!!! Do you LOVE my man socks????

And here is what Micah was doing while we were taking some pictures! He got himself stuck in the prickers and thorns!!! LOL...Daddy had to save him! :)


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

What great photos!! You have such a lovely family.
Love those man socks... I won't leave home without 'em! :> )

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Those are some truly precious memories, Naomi. Your boys are darling!


*Linda Pinda* said...

You have such a BEAUTIFUL family!

And yes... I do like your man socks!

Wearin' mine right now, as a matter of fact hee hee :)

You've got it "all" girlfriend. And it's a joy to see you treasuring every minute of it.

Hugs... *Linda*