Snow Tubing!

Even though spring SHOULD be right around the corner here in New England...We still have a lot of snow. I took the boys snow tubing yesterday, and it was COLD, the temp was 24 when we got there and only 30 degrees when we left 4 hours later...

The boys had so much fun...and can't wait to go back! The owner told us that they are open in the summer...and the trails are covered with slippery plastic stuff, the tubes will slide right down just like it was snow! I think we will wait and go back then...when I won't freeze my toes off! :)

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KKJD1 said...

Looks like great fun! My whole family would enjoy something like that, I think they made a place here in Ga. at Stone Mountain that is called snow mtn and they have something like snow tubing. We have just been so tight we cant do to much of anything right now. So we have just been goofing off here at home rebuilding chicken pens and playing out in the yard but yesterday and today has been kinda cool so we have been inside more. Just not as cool as 30! Well I better get moving , have a great day! Blessings,Karen