Harvest Party!

Last night we went to a local church for a Harvst party!

Here is Micah, too shy to show off his costume!

Here is Jonah...he isn't shy at all!
At the last minute he wanted to be a lego...so Mommy had to whip up this lego costume!

Here is Daddy...enjoying the cookies, that were meant for the kids...lol.

We signed the boys up for the raffle, and Micah WON!!! He wasn't too impressed! LOL...

He was asleep by the time we got home...what a sweetie!


KKJD1 said...

What a fun time and boy did you do a good job making a lego costume! You have such a precious family. Blessings, Karen

*Linda Pinda* said...

What a wonderful event and I'm so glad you and your guys enjoyed it so much. That Lego costume is perfect!!! Great job.

Hugs to all of you... *Linda*