Our 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had lots of fun yesterday! Busy, busy, busy!!!
We 1st went to a pond nearby, and they had a big water slide! The boys enjoyed it sooooooo much!!! I think Jonah went down it 200 times!!! LOL...

Micah would be standing up walking and swinging his arms in the water, saying "swim, swim, swim"! It was tooooo cute, he thought he was really swimming!

Jonah was in the water so long he got prune feet!!! LOL...

The we bought one of those outside fireplaces, and toasted marshmallows! We even had some sparkler fun! It was getting too dark, and the boys started getting a little scared. They kept talking about the coyotes...lol. So we went it, and went to bed! BOY, was I tired!!! LOL...

And I almost forgot! Before we left for the beach, hubby took some pictures of me with the boys, and then me with my dollies!!! :) I will be listing some of these dolls on ebay soon! :)

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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Happy Fourth of July!! Boy, it looks like everyone had a blast! I love the pruned feet pic! :> )
Your new dollies are terrific too!