My Chicken Babies!

Well, my baby Chickens, aren't babies anymore! :( They keep getting out of their pen and exploring the yard! LOL...
I went out last night to round them up, and found them just sitting so sweetly on the edge of the hot tub, off the deck, just waiting for momma. :)

We didn't want a rooster...but we got one...you can't tell when they are just chicks. Isn't he sweet? We'll see how SWEET he stays! I heard this breed of chickens, the rooster can be VERY aggressive! So I keep on my toes with him. :) He even flew right at my head after taking this photo...I think the flash scared him...DUH! LOL...

Here they are when we first got them!

And here they are now! :)

You know I never knew chickens could have personalities! But each one of mine does...they have their own little ways about them...like my black one...she is a SPITFIRE! LOL...and my white one, and golden one...they are just sweeties, and are so passive. And my gray rooster...he is TRUELY the leader, but he just watches, he is quiet, he is a little hard to tell just what he is thinking....hmmmmmm?


~*~Dena~*~ said...

They are so adorable! I love chickens too. I have about 54 different kind of hens and a few roosters. I do agree with you. They have a mind of their own. I have a Rhone Island Red that everytime I mow with the riding lawn mower she will ride with me. She follows us around like she is our little kid. Even sits with us on the front porch. They are smart little things. I don't know what I would do without mine. They are very calming to the soul.
Good luck with your cuties.
God bless!

~*~Dena~*~ said...

Hi Naomi!
Thanks for stoppin by my blog too.
I do have that many chickens. lol. Regarding the bantams I do have a few. I really love them. They are so cute. The experience I have had with mine, is that they normally stick together as a group. They seperate themselves from my Production Reds and Rhode Island Reds and Doms. They are gentle, but very good hunters for bugs and things like that. I had one even kill a little snake. I think you will really enjoy them very much.
They will get so use to you each day feeding them that they will greet you and follow you around all day long. I enjoy mine and I know you will too. As I said they are very calming and it relaxes me to just sit and watch them roam.
Please come back often to my blog. Sometimes I add pictures of my little farm in Texas. lol.
Have a great day!
Ps. I love your blog and all your creations. Your an amazing artist!

KKJD1 said...

I have some chickens too! I think the roosters are all alike they just want to keep us guessing on what they are thinkin. They are some very cool creatures though. I love mine. We have all kinds of varmits and each of my boys have chores on which to feed but the chickens are mine I just love them to much to give that chore up even though i'm sure I could find myself something else to do. Enjoy 1 of God's many blessings! Karen

Tanya's Irish Art said...

Ahh... those little chicks are so super gorgeous!!!! And your rabbits are so charming with their little sticking out ears!!!