The next Apronistas!

My little one Micah, would STEAL my aprons while I was making them...so I made him his own! And one for BIG brother too...even though he thinks he is a little too cool for aprons, he said he will ONLY wear it in the house! LOL...
The pockets are perfect for putting their little transformer buddies in! :)

I took a few pictures, and then they started to get silly! :)

But, I still got another good photo in! Micah is showing his "Tough" face.

Then back to silly! :)

Micah had to fix Mommies pretty, that he knocked over.

Isn't he soooooo cute! Don't let that sweet face fool you! :)
Note the shirt. It says it ALL!

Micah kept trying to take Jonah's transformer...and he got a little MAD!

Micah says "sorry" and gives him a BIG hug! :)

Jonah giggling after his hug.



CrewelWoolDesigns said...

Naomi, those pictures are great!!!! I love Micah's shirt! It does say it all!!! LOL They're such cuties and you're a wonderful mom!!~~Jeannie

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Naomi ~ I don't think boys come cuter than that. I LOVE the story and the precious expressions. And you did a lovely job on those aprons too!


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

What a bunch of cuties!!!!! LOVE the aprons, for sure, but the guys in them just tell the story! Great job!!!! Cora