Snow Angels!

2 days ago we had an "unofficial" snow day, and today was an "official" snow day! I took the boys outside to play, to get them nice and tired, but I think I was the one who got tired!

We made Snow Angels, and ran as far as we could in the DEEP snow, and we ate LOTS of snow...well mostly them!!! LOL...


Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Hi Naomi! I love your blog. Those photos of the snow fun are just wonderful! Reminds me of the good ole days.

I'm going to add your blog to my blog, ok? If you'd like you can add mine to yours. Don't mean to be pushy.... just want to link up, and your blog is so much fun!


naomisnotions said...

Thank you Penny! I will add you to my list! :)