Blog Tag!

I've been BLOG tagged, by my friend *Linda*Pinda*! LOL...I guess that means I'm to tell 5 things about myself. So here I go! :)
1. I love cats! All shapes, colors, and personalities!!! I have a half Siamese who is all black, and the personality of a human! I call him my first born! :)
2. I also love God! I'm a Christain, and try to live the life as one. I try to treat others as they would want to be treated. I have a relationship with God, not a religion. :)
3. I love going to bed early and snuggling with my 2 little boys! Some say 7:00 is TOOOOOOO early...but I say the earlier the better!!!
4. Some say, (hubby), that I'm a hypochondriac, I don't think that...But I do think I'm coming down with something!
5. And the last one! I Love hearing hubby sing silly songs to the cats and kids, when he thinks no one is listening! :)


*Linda Pinda* said...

Oh, Naomi!!!
You are just such a sweetie pie. Love what you said about hubby singing... and you know any guy who drags old mattresses home so that his wife can have the rusty springs is a hero in my book! ;)

Hugs... *Linda*

cora said...

Naomi!!! What a wonderful Blog! And now I feel I know you just a little better!!!! I agree with Linda! Any guy who drags mattresses home STAYS!!!!! Cora from Country Patches